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"anti-republican, anti-left-wing rhetorics"...

I am enduring a sacred journey while learning about sacred journeys. The sacred journey that I am on involves metaphysical travel...not necessarily spiritual...but I suppose it depends on how you look at it.
I am going somewhere where there is snow. I am hearing about frustrations about life. I am feeling the energy and passion emitted from the involved. I am traveling to an inner inner mind with outer feelings.
Outer limits?
Physically feeling hard and uncomfortable.
Physically feeling stuck in my seat...trapped by the semi-desk.
Trapped by a semi colon.

Metaphysically feeling the physical.

One has to welcome the time of nothingness at this point. A new month is sucking us in...swallowing the bitter...forcing the bold. The bitter surrounds the physically meta.

What would Cassandra do? Probably suffer and shrug herself into a cave.

remember. Metaphysically touching/smelling/seeing/tasting/hearing the physical.
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Frye, dying and death.
Frye, dying and death.
Just two.
Frye...stop thinking...death and dying.
I have to transcend this thought pattern of two.
There is more to two than two too.
Frye. soon.
Then. Dying and Death.
After the two.

Present. The. On. Focus. Yourself. of. Ahead. Get. Don't.
Don't. Get. Ahead. Of. Yourself. Focus. On. The. Present.

Steady, one two three...Frye. Break///Pause///Dying and Death. Breathe.
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Next time I'll have to wear better pants.

Shoulders rolling. Hanging down, comfortable, cool and relaxed.
Left over top of right, air in the middle. Carrying the invisible from left to right...sway.
The left touches right as they are moving away. Moving out. Pushing.
I remember when I asked you to read some of my collected words.
You understood so much that had been missed by a more familiar eye.
Right controls left as the body moves back. In the front, blocking structures. Slowly. Slowly. Across, then, stop, then, out. Left up, right down. Pause, pause, pause. Say it.
The right lifts up, then down. Comfortable.
Looking into your own face. Comfortable. Blurred bodies surround you. Your eyes. Focus. Nothing to compare, it's all a fabrication.
Centre yourself. Life the left, then down again.
Left over Right, carry the invisible again.
Remember the forward and backward of your chest. Slowly.
Legs steady.
The one in front is so smooth. Comfortable.
Rotate the left and right. Always aware of the heat. Hold.
Reach up, reach down, reach in, hold. Say it.

My experience with Tai Chi.
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(no subject)

japan japan japan japan japan japan japan japan japan japan.....whooooosh. japan.

9 days y'all.
9 days.

its going to be the opposite of an asian invasion. kind of like explode and implode. kinda.

japan japan japan.

hajimemashite. Shiree desu. Doozo yoroshiku.

oh i am going to blend in like a samurai. swift and smooth.
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get well soon Ravi my friend.
i wont hold this against you. bad karma, bad karma.

a yoga stretch for you...please dont overwork yourself.

i'll see you on October 23rd, 2007. i'll wait a year my dear. i'll wait 5 years.

at least now I can say that I have plans a year in advance...


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you heard it

I'll love you SEAL! goodness this day has just gotten better.

i suppose everyone is back in black.
everyone is taking attack formation.
everyone is preparing for everyone being prepared.

goodness, i am sad to sad. i want to move my joints into attack formation. i want to move some boxes and get prepared for everyone else's preparedness.

come October i'll be happier.

three weeks. three weeks three werky weeks.

i'm a little fuzzy today...hoping it will become a bit more tame. oh hair. what have i done to you.
a little tea from the tree will help.

I met a small dog named Kiss Kiss today. neat.

we danced. we danced and danced and danced. my knees are feeling the burn. the just-lean-back combined with a little tekno-tron will be my nomination for the best time of the year.

you looked the same. i enjoyed that a little.
scratch...a lot.

i suppose i'll have to mosey on down south. that seems to be where the happenings are. sigh.

i can feel myself being summoned...deep in my bones. sheesh gail. sheesh.
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ah lovely. snuggly-wuggs.

i have discovered ONE excellent PRO to living in Angus...
every wednesday i get fresh organic veggies, which in turn allows me to support a local farm.

crunch crisp on my chard. lovely.

oh and some random man just SOMEHOW linked refrigerators with Canadian soldiers..yowie-zowie!!!
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tis done

So I have carved a few things out of this log.

I have enquired at a few institutions about programs about touching people. creepy? you love it. Im looking into it ladies and gentlemen. the works.
i like to call it alternative healing.
seriously tho, since McMaster is taking their sweet time to torture me ("my phone number is outta service" my ASS!) I have taken the time to think about what is good, what is important, what is green, and how colourful do I want to be.
Rainbow-effin-bright colourful.

I'm going to attempt to do a Monday thing. devote my Monday evenings to the stretches and the breathing. sigh.

Since Tuesdays currently are my only other day off, I have been hanging out with the most peculiar crowd. they are lovely tho. there isnt a whole lot in common. a lot of talks about bladder bags, break ups and beatings. oh and dont forget that military drama! love it. yuck. but its better than nothing, and i appreciate the time spent.

what else my dears.

its pathetic. im pathetic. may i remind you that it is August 21st today. right now. I dont know if you noticed when you woke up this morning...but here we are...the 21st day into the 8th month.
someone told me that it is 126 days until the mas of christ. i dont know how I feel about this.


im going to make it my goal to eat at a new restaurant. yummm.

there really isnt much else.

oh did i mention that I experienced the Cactus festival? i was disappointed at the lack of Cacti...but it was fun nontheless. to get in the spirit of the Cactus, i celebrated at the Thirsty Cactus...and indeed it was thirsty!

I ran into someone who has been much more productive than myself. balls.

i had some random lady complain to me about how hot it was in the front lobby. i told her we cant stop the sun from shining...then thought to myself how strange it would be if after her encounter with me, she somehow discovered a way to block out the sun...hmmmm.

talk to me fellows?

i have been neglectful. i apologize for this...but. snog.
hope all is well over the globe.
september is upon us, and it is the time for you.
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